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Kansas City Burn Injury Attorney

Each year, approximately 1.25 million Americans seek medical attention for their burn injuries. The consequences of a burn injury can be catastrophic not only due to the pain and suffering caused by the burned layers of the skin but also due to the emotional scars that can last for decades.

Burn injuries range in severity from first degree (minor) to third-degree (the most severe). Many people sustain burn injuries due to the negligent, reckless, or irresponsible behavior or actions of other persons and entities.

Regardless of how your serious injury occurred, you may be entitled to compensation even if you think that you were to blame for the accident. Do not make any assumptions until you consult with a Kansas City burn injury attorney from Townsend Law LLC.

Let us evaluate your situation and determine who is at fault for your burn injuries.

How Do Burn Injuries Occur?

A burn injury occurs when the skin tissue is damaged by chemicals, heat, sunlight, electricity, or nuclear radiation. Even a minor burn can cause a tremendous amount of pain. Surprisingly, the most severe injuries (third degree) are not as painful due to the nerve damage.

Many burn injuries can be prevented with adequate safety regulations, appropriate warnings, proper safety equipment, and responsible behavior.

When a burn injury is a result of someone else’s irresponsible behavior, recklessness, or negligence, the at-fault person should be held liable for the resulting damages and losses. In this situation, a Kansas City burn injury lawyer can help victims demand appropriate compensation from the at-fault party.

Types of Burn Injuries

Generally, burn injuries fall into three categories that are classified by the extent of damage to the layers of the skin:

  1. First degree. Typically, the most painful one due to little to no damage to the nerves that transmit pain signals. First-degree burn injuries are associated with the damage to the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin.
  2. Second-degree burns, which fall into two subtypes: Superficial and Deep. Superficial second-degree burns affect the skin tissue below the epidermis, while deep burns penetrate more deeply into the dermis. Superficial ones are characterized by moisture and pink color, while deep ones are dry and whitish.
  3. Third-degree. Typically, the victim does not feel pain because the nerves have been destroyed. Both the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin are damaged, while the skin looks charred and resembles a piece of leather.

Sources of Burns

There are also multiple sources of burn injuries:

  • Fire. A victim suffers a burn injury from direct contact with an open flame.
  • Flash. The injury occurs as a result of the rapid ignition of a flammable substance such as liquid or gas.
  • Contact. When a blazing hot object comes in contact with the skin (for example, a kettle, pan, or cigarette), a person can suffer a contact burn.
  • Scalds. A person can suffer a scald injury or the so-called boiling water burn when the skin comes in contact with hot liquids.
  • Steam. When a person’s skin is exposed to extreme temperatures of steam, he or she is at risk for a steam burn.
  • Electrical. When electricity is passed through the skin tissue, an electrical burn wound can occur.
  • Chemical. When a person’s skin is exposed to caustic substances such as acid, he or she can suffer a chemical burn.

Consequences of Burn Injuries

A burn injury affects not only the skin, but also the nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and even bones. A burn is not just some visible damage to the skin, as other consequences and effects of burn injuries can include:

  • Permanent scars
  • Disfigurement
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological damage
  • Damage to the nerves and muscles
  • Infection

You can get compensated for the damages and losses you have endured as a result of your burn injury. Let our Kansas City burn injury attorney investigate your case and help you prove that another party’s negligence, recklessness, or carelessness caused you irreparable or severe harm.

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