Street Racing To Blame For Fatal Crash That Claims 2 Lives
When negligence is the root cause of an accident, it makes the wreck even more outrageous and upsetting, contact our car crash attorney in Kansas City to get legal help.
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Street racing to blame for fatal crash that claims 2 lives

Nov 16, 2017 Townsend Law LLC Car Accident

In an extremely unfortunate and upsetting accident, two people were killed in a car crash that involved street racing in Kansas City, Missouri. According to the police, the two cars involved — a gold car and a silver car — were racing each other as they crossed a bridge on Highway 24. The driver of the gold car decided to cross the center line during this race.

As a result of his decision, the driver of the gold car was killed after his vehicle collided with an oncoming truck. The driver of the truck was also killed in the car crash. The silver vehicle fled the scene after the crash. The police are investigating the crash, and witnesses say that the racing vehicles were weaving in and out of lanes of traffic during their entire “race.”

Until the investigation is complete, it is tough to say much more about the details of this particular crash. But more generally, it is very easy to say this: you should never race your cars on public streets. It is a dangerous and illegal act. Crashes like this just make it even more infuriating that these things even happen.

When negligence is the root cause of an accident, it makes the wreck even more outrageous and upsetting — especially for the victims and their loved ones. It feels like the accident they suffered was for no reason at all. For these victims and loved ones, getting legal help is of the utmost importance.

Source: FOX4KC, “Two die in crash in Kansas City Monday afternoon,” Michelle Pekarsky, Oct. 30, 2017

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