Causes of Semi Truck Accidents
If you are a victim of semi-truck crash and opt to seek compensation for the wreck, call our Kansas City truck accident attorney to determine the cause of the wreck can help you to figure out whom to hold liable.
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Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

Mar 7, 2019 Townsend Law LLC Truck Accident

All drivers on the road want to make it to their destinations safely and avoid truck accidents or issues that could lead to truck accidents. The problem that can sometimes come up is that your safety partially depends on others who are also driving. If you are on the interstate or city streets where semi trucks travel, you need to know some of these large vehicles’ common safety concerns. This knowledge can help if you do end up in a truck accident.

We all want to make it to our destinations safely and practice safe driving as often as possible. However, our actions are not the only ones we must consider on the road. Vehicle accidents happen every day, some with severe injuries. Distracted driving, long hours on the road leading to driver fatigue, tire blowouts, brake failure, poor weather conditions or road conditions, and more can all result in serious injuries or even fatal crashes when car drivers are involved in a semi-truck accident.

Some of the worst are semi-truck accidents, especially involving small passenger cars. Big rigs are the monsters of motor vehicles on the road, and motorists need to pay attention to these large trucks, their blind spots, and what they’re doing when traveling on the road.

There are a number of the most common causes of truck accidents. Some of these common causes of truck accidents happen before the trucker ever gets behind the wheel of the rig. Another one of the most common causes of semi-truck accidents is external issues that indirectly impact the trucker but make safety a challenge, such as weather, road conditions, or other passenger vehicles not driving safely.

The trucking industry has mandates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These mandates have many safety directives for trucking companies and their truck drivers to follow when operating their commercial vehicles and how they maintain their commercial trucks and tractor-trailer. It should impact how they interact with passenger vehicles on the road. They have also established rules to prevent a trucker from driving for too many long hours and suffering from driver fatigue or driver error, such as distracted driving (a common cause of semi-truck accidents & car accidents).

Factors Before the Haul

Some things can go wrong before a trucker hooks up for a load. If the trailer isn’t loaded correctly and the cargo isn’t secured appropriately, there is the chance of a crash or jackknifing under hard braking. Jackknifing can even lead to a rollover, which is especially dangerous if the tractor-trailer is hauling hazardous materials. The maintenance and upkeep for the truck and the trailer are also factors that lead to a wreck; if the tire pressure is not correctly set and it leads to a tire blowout or the brakes locking up and causing a rear-end trucking accident. Any components that aren’t installed correctly can lead to trouble. The same is true if defective parts aren’t performing safely. The truck company and commercial truck drivers must keep their big rigs up to spec and in proper working order.

Trucker Actions During the Haul

Once the trucker begins the haul, they need to drive safely. The truck driver must be well-rested and ready to drive. Factors like distracted driving, driver fatigue and impairment from long hours, and more can negatively impact the safety of everyone on the road and cause driver error. These can often sneak up on a trucker because they might feel like they are driving safely but are actually suffering from highway hypnosis, which can cause them to lose focus on where the truck is going if they’re following the speed limit, or checking their blind spots – all of these can lead to serious semi-truck accidents.

Some of the most common causes of semi-truck accidents due to truckers driving would be:

  • Speeding
  • Vehicle drivers driving under the influence (of alcohol or illegal drugs)
  • Overtaking in an unsafe area
  • Driver fatigue due to driving long distances or with little to no sleep
  • Distracted driving due to the use of a cell phone or other device, especially at high speeds

All drivers should be prepared to react appropriately on the road. This means knowing the traffic laws and following them. Speeding, failing to signal, and not obeying traffic signs and signals are all common causes of semi-truck accidents.

External Factors That Impact Safety

Many things that can lead to crashes with large trucks are external. These include things like the trucker having to rush because they are on such a tight deadline or having to push through fatigue and long hours because they still have allowable driving hours remaining. Pushing their tractor trailers too hard can lead to mechanical failures such as tire blowouts, jackknifing, rear-ending, rollovers, and more. Trucking companies might be responsible for some of these factors. However, the truck driver is the one actually behind the wheel of these large trucks. Even other drivers on the road can lead to a wreck if they aren’t respecting the space a trucker needs to maneuver correctly, which can all lead to serious injury crashes between big rigs and smaller vehicles or passenger vehicles.

Victims of semi-truck crashes may opt to seek compensation for the wreck. Determining the wreck’s cause can help them figure out whom to hold liable.

Do You Need Legal Help Following a Semi Truck Accident?

If you or a loved one have been in a semi-truck accident, please seek legal advice immediately from a qualified professional law firm.

The personal injury lawyers at Townsend Law, LLC have been fighting for clients’ rights for years throughout the Kansas City metro. You can schedule a free consultation with a truck accident attorney to review your semi-truck accident case and offer legal advice on how to proceed.

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